11 Reasons To Go On A Retreat

11 Reasons to go on a Retreat

It’s a proven scientific fact that human beings need a break from work, study and stress in order to perform better and experience optimum well-being. But beyond taking an annual vacation, the occasional weekend away or leaving the office at precisely 6pm every day, how can we really ensure that we’re giving our mind, body and spirit the space and time it needs to rest and recharge so we bounce back feeling revitalised and refreshed?

While it can be relaxing to travel abroad with the family, splashing your way around water parks, sightseeing or sipping cocktails by the pool, vacations are generally a lighthearted experience and leave many yearning for a more nourishing, soul-boosting and deeper connection.

And that’s where retreats can be a life saver. Literally. 

Here are 11 reasons why you should consider going on a retreat this year:

  1. To take time out to reflect. In our busy lives we are often fooled into believing we don’t have time to reflect on our desires, dreams and goals; simply living one day to the next in our hectic, cluttered, noisy lifestyles. When you choose to bring time and space into your life, it becomes easier to tune into your inner voice and true desires.

  2. To gain clarity. Once you regularly give your mind and body time and space to just be present, you’ll suddenly become overwhelmed with clarity and creativity. Ideas begin flowing, life choices seem easier than ever before and you feel more empowered and resilient to follow your true path. 

  3. To step outside of your comfort zone. It’s so easy to get used to the relative security of our everyday lives, but when you start experiencing new people, places and cultures, or learning new skills, suddenly a whole new perspective opens up which brings with it plentiful opportunities.

  4. To meet new people. You might be an introvert or love the company of close friends and family, but there’s a lot to be said for meeting new people. Hearing different opinions, learning from other people’s experiences, sharing stories and having discussions with like-minded people all add to the rich tapestry of life and enable us to enhance our listening and communication skills as well as using our intuition, empathy, patience and compassion. 

  5. To have wild adventures. Wild doesn’t have to mean crazy, and adventures don’t have to include backpacking through Asia or sleeping under the stars with elephants and lions close by!  Wild adventures are about opening your heart and mind to new ideas, philosophies and teachings as well as to new people and places.

  6. To tickle your curiosity. Sometimes you don’t begin by knowing exactly what you want or need, but simply by following that little burst of curiosity that pops into your world at unexpected moments. Who knows where a retreat could take you - emotionally, physically or spiritually? Just imagine the possibilities… 

  7. To learn something new. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn Italian cookery in Italy, become a trained yoga teacher in India or paint a picturesque landscape in the French countryside, retreats are the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill while also relaxing your body, refreshing your mind and potentially changing the course of your life. 

  8. To heal. Sometimes a retreat is the perfect moment to let go of old behaviours, trauma and pain and to work at a deep level on your personal healing. With trained, experienced coaches and guides to support you, this is a beautiful way of moving forward in life.

  9. To reconnect with nature. This element is so often overlooked in every day life. If more of us took time away from our offices, homes and cars to walk or sit in nature every day, I’m pretty certain the world would be a more calm and happy place. Reconnecting with nature is a form of meditation; a way of switching off the noise in our minds and focusing on the present moment.

  10. To enrich your life. When you combine all the elements of a retreat the resulting growth is worth far more than the sum of all the individual parts. It’s the experience of learning new things with new people in new places and gaining a whole new perspective that really amps up the life enrichment factor. (And when you’ve done it once…. chances are you’ll be hooked on doing it again!)

  11. Because you’re worth it! Each and every one of us deserves the life-enhancing benefits of self-care and personal growth. Regardless of labels or income, you deserve to feel nourished, loved, supported and special with a heart full of memories.

Ready to research your perfect retreat?

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This could be exactly what your soul has been yearning for…


Maeve XO

Maeve is an Intuitive Soul Coach and Transformational Retreat Leader who loves to empower men and women to step into their ultimate power. Intuitive soul coaching can help you gain clarity, connect with the divine, heal past hurts and move forward to live life as your highest self. Book your intuitive soul coaching session here: https://www.thesoulmaven.com/book-now

Sometimes People Leave…

Recently someone close to me walked out of my life. It was like an earthquake to my soul. It was brutal. And I didn’t see it coming. I hurt. Terribly. Woefully. In my bones. Suddenly, I was plunged back into the deep icy waters of grieving. Everything inside me screamed out “No!” and yet… I plunge and I sink. This place is familiar. I have been here before. I do not want to be here again. I would have done anything to avoid this. Anything. And yet, here I am. 

Glimpses of my Dark Night of the Soul begin to appear. Omg, No! Not that dark place. I won’t go there. I won’t allow myself to go there. My ego taunts me that I have brought this. That I opened the door to grief by wanting more. That I am not enough. That I am too much. That I am not worthy of love.

Like many of you, my life has had it’s share of trauma and sadness. So I have developed techniques to deal with the storms, the earthquakes, and the tsunamis. I am resilient. I will survive. But this week my smile no longer reaches my eyes. 

I had a much needed massage scheduled that day. Every joint has been hurting from six months of sleeping on hotel beds. Self-care is needed when you’re grieving. You would think that I would have kept the spa day appointment. But no. Self-care that day meant staying home. No need to be seen in a busy hotel lobby with a red nose and eyes swollen from crying. I needed to be home. Even if home was an AirBandB. 

And I needed to rely on the kindness of others. I attracted the sweetest and most benevolent people to me during this experience. The hostess at my AirBandB brought me wee slices of cheese and bread and tea so I didn’t need to leave my room, so I could curl up in a ball and feel the pain of it all. 

The next day her husband drove me to my new home. I burst into tears the moment my roommate welcomed me. She embraced me. Listened to me. Encouraged me. Babied me. Friends reached out and sent their love. Mentors held space for me. My children consoled me.

We aren’t meant to walk through these moments alone. Our tribe walks through them with us. They hold us close and love us as we move through the new reality. These are the moments when we realize who our tribe really is. 

Who is in your tribe? Have you surrounded yourself with trusted people who love you through life’s difficult moments as well as through the joyful ones? If not, find them. Send out a message to the Universe that you don’t want to walk alone. She will answer you. And they will come!

It’s two weeks later. It seems like two months. I’m feeling better. No more tears. Only trust. The Universe never steers me wrong. I can trust her. I will rest in this new place. And I will flourish. 

Today I’m at the spa. I rescheduled. I’m pampering myself. I explained to the management about my cancelling on such short notice last time. And she credited me my entire fee, for which I am eternally grateful.

I’m wrapped up all toasty in the softest robe I have ever had on my body. I’m in the relaxation room, in the near dark, sipping my tea. Later my massage therapist will come collect me and ease away all my aching joints and muscles and maybe even a little of my heartache too. 💔

Love & blessings,

Maeve XO

Maeve is an Intuitive Soul Coach and Transformational Retreat Leader who loves to empower men and women to step into their ultimate power. Intuitive soul coaching can help you gain clarity, connect with the divine, heal past hurts and move forward to live life as your highest self. Book your intuitive soul coaching session here: https://www.thesoulmaven.com/book-now

*This blog was originally published April 2019

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