Maeve K. Northcross, Owner, The Soul Maven

Maeve K. Northcross, Owner, The Soul Maven

About Maeve  

Hello, I’m Maeve, owner of The Soul Maven, and creator and host of bespoke Transformational Spiritual Healing Retreats. 

I’m an Intuitive Soul Coach and Certified Professional Midwife who loves to empower women to step in to their ultimate power - the ability to bring life into the world - whether that’s in the form of human life, creative projects or designing dream lifestyles.

I’ve been using my gifts for decades to help men and women heal pain, find clarity, connect with the Divine, move forward to realize their dreams and live life as their highest self.  Possessing claircognizant and clairsentient abilities, I am able to intuitively gauge people’s energy and emphasize emotional and spiritual healing. 

I created my Transformational Retreats because I believe everyone deserves this experience at least once in their lifetime. This is a safe space for an intimate group of men and women to come together to share their experiences, lift each other higher and form new connections and friendships. 

The combination of a beautiful retreat location, the magical energy of ley-lines, ancient runes steeped in legend and mystery, a variety of delicious chef-cooked meals and a bespoke agenda makes this an incredibly special experience of love and transformation.


“Maeve is an empowered woman empowering women. You know she cares about you and wants the best for you. She always has an idea or a resource to share. Sweet, supportive, calm, trusting. I consider myself fortunate to have found Maeve.”


“Prior to meeting with Maeve for the first time, I had no intention of sharing my biggest hurts and troubles with her during our very first visit together. But after only an hour of being in her presence, perfect safety and complete assuredness was all I felt. It was as if she already knew me better than anyone else in my life up to that point had ever known me, although we’d just met. Throughout our professional relationship, Maeve helped me in several ways, above and beyond what she was required to do. She helped me see things in and about myself that I’d never known before, ultimately showing me the greatness that I have within. My life will never be the same, only having known Maeve, let alone having had her teach me and guide me in the ways that she has.”


"Maeve entered my life as my midwife. Throughout both pregnancies, I felt safe and well-taken care of by her calming presence and amazing support. The changes that motherhood causes in a woman made me curious to follow Maeve's story and inspired me to begin my own spiritual journey. I didn't know where to find the answers to questions I didn't even know how to formulate but Maeve's remarkable instincts guided me into the right direction. Although I'm still at the very beginning of my path, it's become much clearer where I'm heading thanks to the light she's shown on it. The love I feel in every interaction resembles a sisterly bond that I'm using as a guide in other elements of my life. I owe her the majority of my personal growth within the last year and her encouraging words give me strength when I'm doubting myself. I'm so grateful for her presence in my life and for being a leading example of divine femininity."