Here is a Thrilling Peak at Our Future Retreat Locations

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Newry, Northern Ireland

Experience the magic of Northern Ireland amid the stunning Ring of Gullion. Visit ancient stone circles that pre-date the pyramids. Become deeply in touch with your own energy force and intuition. Experience healing Transformational Breathwork. Treat yourself to luxurious healing spa treatments. Let us deeply nurture you. Your body and spirit will thank you and you will leave feeling rejuvenated, transformed and whole again. Northern Ireland is a stunning landscape with transfixing beauty that is replicated nowhere else on earth. It is a land full of myth and magic! The food will be divine. The accommodations luxurious. Come and be deeply nourished and nurtured.

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Glastonbury, England   

Come away to magical Glastonbury for the trip of a lifetime. Long regarded as the magical capital of Britain, Glastonbury is a small town in Somerset that is steeped in legend, religion, magic and mystery. Come be deeply nourished, enlightened and revitalized. We will stay on the famous ley-lines at the foot of the Tor, visit many Ancient Ruins, nourish our bodies and renew our souls, Come... Join us. We welcome you. This will be a time of deep healing and introspection, a time to really tune in to Spirit and to your intuition!

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Sedona is a stunning landscape with incredible red rock formations and a stark, transfixing beauty that is replicated nowhere else on earth. It is located on the spiritual ley lines, is a historic Spiritual Mecca and has been a sacred place for Native American Indians for thousands of years. Filling quickly! Our rooms at El Portal Hotel are some of the best and most comfortable arrangements in Sedona.

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Roquebrune Cap-Martin, France

Experience the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea and south of France in the cradle of a Medieval village. Sleep in the shadow of a 10th Century Medieval Castle! Put your arms around L’Olivier Millenaire, a 2000 year old Olive Tree, perhaps the oldest living olive tree in the world! This trip will be a treat to your senses and your soul! Complete with day trips to Monaco, a tour of Prince’s Palace, the Japanese Garden of Monaco. Journey to La Turbie to see the magnificent Trophée des Alpes, a monument to Augustus Caesar that dates to 6-7 B.C.! Bespoke retreats to Roquebrune Cap-Martin are available for small groups.

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Maui, Hawaii 

Maui is one of the most powerful and active Sacred spots on the planet. There is legendary healing power here, recognized by the Hawaiian shamans, the Kahunas, who still exist today in a sacred lineage.  Take an “energy bath” in ancient balancing energies. Join us and experience a famous Haleakala sunrise, see stunning waterfalls, dolphins and humpback whales. Tour the serene Ali’i Kula Lavendar farm. Breathe in the scent of exquisite flowers and the refreshing tropical Pacific air. If you are looking for a sacred place to balance and heal, this tropical paradise is the perfect energy vortex for all your soul needs. Come and enjoy the Spirit of Aloha.


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Mount shasta, california 

Located on the ley lines, Mount Shasta is considered to be the Root Chakra of the Earth. Mysterious legends and psychic messages speak of the significance of Mt. Shasta as a place of powerful earth energies.