How to Cope with Fear and Jealousy as a Lightworker

How to Cope with Fear and Jealousy

as a Lightworker

Top tips to embrace life and business from a place of love

How to Cope with Fear and Jealousy as a Lightworker

Top tips to embrace life and business from a place of love

  • Have you ever kept your ideas secret because you were afraid someone else would steal them?

  • Do you keep your project plans private in case someone takes them on as their own?

  • Do you stay quiet because you’re afraid of other people’s disapproval, rejection or negative comments?

If you’re a lightworker then there’s a high possibility that one or all of these questions will resonate deeply within your soul. 

I remember how quiet I stayed for years, decades even, for fear of having the ‘wrong’ opinion in society’s view. 

I was afraid that people would reject me, take their business elsewhere and I’d be left with nothing.

What I didn’t realize all those years ago is that by shining my light and sharing more of the real me, that I would actually attract the clients who really needed my unique set of skills and natural gifts. 

As an intuitive soul coach and transformational retreat host, I want to share with you my top tips to

learn to cope with fear and remove negative emotions, like jealousy and suspicion, so you can successfully move your business and life forward.

  1. Share. Share. Share. You know that thing that you’re so naturally good at it feels effortless? That thing that makes other people stop and listen, be inspired and take action on? Well, that thing is something you need to share more of. It’s time to offer your gifts to the world through whichever means feels best to you. When you come from a place of love, not fear, you’ll naturally attract more of your ideal tribe to you. So, whether you’re running a business or just wanting to make shifts in your life, being more you means that you’ll raise your own vibration and attract more of the right people to you. You’ll be so focused on doing all the good stuff with great people that past fears and negative thoughts will hardly enter your mind.

  2. Set positive intentions. When you talk about your new ideas, projects and plans, set the intention that the right people receive them and that you attract the right energy back to you. This uses the simple power of the law of attraction and manifestation. Remember, when you hold back on sharing plans then the right people can’t find you either. What if you had a genius book theme and title and you kept it to yourself? You may have the motivation to write and finish it without help but if you spread the word then you might find you’ve already built a firm fan base and a potential publisher before it’s even written! 

  3. Don’t let others rule your life. All the while you’re afraid of negative comments from family and friends, you’ll never move forward. Every personal situation is different so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but suffice to say that coming from a place of love will always win. It may feel like a never-ending battle with certain family members but, ultimately, you’re here for a reason and overcoming challenges is all part of the growth. It’s so important to quit holding back and allow yourself to fly free. No one can clip your wings, beautiful soul. 

So, what’s it gonna be? Are you ready to focus on you and leave that negative, scarcity mindset behind? Light workers around the globe are joining together to raise the vibration of the planet and empower others to step up and shine. If you need support and guidance along the way, please reach out. We’ve got you. 

Maeve xo

Maeve is an Intuitive Soul Coach and Certified Professional Midwife who loves to empower women to step into their ultimate power - the ability to bring life into the world - whether that’s in the form of human life, creative projects or designing dream lifestyles. Intuitive soul coaching can help you gain clarity, connect with the divine, heal past hurts and move forward to live life as your highest self. Book your intuitive soul coaching session here: